Mom Documents Triplet Baby Bump to Show Her Extraordinary Progression

Spoiler alert: It's nothing short of amazing.
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September 12, 2018
several images of one woman's pregnancy progression over time

Pregnancy is an amazing time unlike any other, so it’s no surprise future moms love to capture their week-by-week baby bumps. And trust us when we say, creativity is never lacking when it comes to capturing the beautiful belly transformation.

But there were no gimmicks from Maria Jorstad, a mom-to-one who is now pregnant with triplets. She documented her incredible bump progression on Instagram, showing what some moms to multiples go through. And it’s nothing short of amazing.

“What a journey this has been! From the huge shock of learning there were three, to people’s reactions, the numerous scannings/checks, and all the preparations and planning for this life-changing event. Nothing like the ordinary,” she comments in the caption of the picture.

The photo has gone viral and is being shared all over social media by others who can’t believe the size of the woman’s bump. And, they aren’t the only ones who are in awe. Even Jorstad can’t believe the transformation that happened right before her eyes.

“I’m glad we took these pictures, because this collage really shows the massive growth. It’s strange to have ended up with such a big belly, and it’s even stranger that it can stand out like that without falling down,” she jokes.

The Denmark woman’s social media account has gained a lot of popularity over the last few months, where she’s shared other updates and snapshots throughout her pregnancy. The posts show the sometimes difficult truth to being pregnant with multiples, as well as the pure joy the mother feels for getting to carry such a blessing.

Just a couple of months ago, she shared a photo where she was posing in a hospital bed trying a new method to combat her extreme cases of nausea. Throwing up a peace sign and dubbing herself, “Iron Woman,” she took it like a superhero.

The last baby bump photo captures Jorstad at 35 weeks, where she shares her excitement to finally be meeting the three newest members of her family so soon.

In the photo, she thanks her followers for all of the positivity and well wishes she’s received. “This last week I’ve gotten a lot of new followers from all around the world, and I just want to thank you for all the love, cheering and nice words I’ve received! Wow! It’s totally overwhelming and very much appreciated.

When you’re pregnant with twins or triplets, you have a lot of baby prep to consider. Check out our baby registry must-haves for moms of multiples so you are ready for when the big day comes.

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