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Doctor That Specializes In Twins?

Do I need to find an OB who specializes in multiples? How can I find one?

Not necessarily. A well-trained generalist (which, of course, we hope yours is!) can easily take good care of you if you’re carrying twins and is a fine place to start. But you may need a little extra care. Since you’re at a slightly higher risk for complications, your OB will likely consult with a maternal-fetal medicine specialist who has loads of experience dealing with twins, triplets, quads, quints (you get the idea). That means you may be sent to another office or specialist early on for your ultrasounds (all ultrasounds should be done by AIUM-certified centers), then possibly passed back to your general OB for your monthly check-ins and delivery. If you’re expecting more than two, though, you’re probably safest seeing a specialist from the get-go. Your doctor should be able to recommend a pro, but if you want to check out some names yourself, you can find a full listing on the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine website ( Plus more from The Bump: Do I need a pediatrician who specializes in multiples? Could the twins ultrasound be wrong? How early can I tell if I'm having multiples?