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Karen Moise, RN
Registered Nurse

Q&A: Are C-sections Inevitable When Delivering Multiples?

Do I _have _to have a c-section just because I’m pregnant with multiples, or is there the possibility of delivering vaginally?

It’s true that many multiple births are delivered by c-section, but in some cases it is actually possible to deliver multiples vaginally.  Every pregnancy is different, but if your doctors think the labor is too difficult, or one or more of the infants is in the breech or compound position, chances are you may have to undergo a c-section. 

If you have a strong preference to a vaginal birth, it’s best to talk to your doctor about this in advance so your wishes can be taken into consideration when it comes to delivery day.  However, keep in mind that while there is a possibility of delivering vaginally with twins, that option becomes much less likely with triplets, quads, or pregnancies involving even more babies.

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