This Mom Has One Thing to Say About C-Sections: They Are ‘Never the Easy Way Out’

“Warrior mamas, wear your scar with pride”
ByStephanie Grassullo
Associate Editor
September 17, 2018
mom delivering baby through c-section

The debate over vaginal birth and c-section delivery can sometimes get heated. A c-section is used for a range of reasons to make sure mom and baby come out of the OR alive and healthy. And despite what some may think, it is far from “the easy way out.”

One blogger, known for her popular Facebook page Mrs. Mombastic, wants to clear up this misconception, explaining, “a c-section is never the easy way out. Warrior mamas, wear your scar with pride.”

Throughout her note, she sardonically explains how she “took the easy way out,” going into detail about all of the discomfort she had to endure.

“The incision was gentle and the surgeons hands rummaging around inside me was reminiscent of a deep tissue massage. I was shaking uncontrollably, they say that was due to the the cocktail of drugs and anaesthetic, but I personally think that the shaking was due to the excitement of the whole delightful situation,” she sarcastically states.

“To add to the relaxation, I was fortunate enough to have a catheter. Didn’t even need to think about going for a wee,” the mom shares.

She then discusses the after-effects of a c-section, describing how helpless she felt.

“The first night in hospital, unable to get out of bed to change my baby’s nappy was one of the highlights. Having to rely on the nurse because my legs wouldn’t work after the epidural and operation was glorious because it meant that I didn’t have to get up! The height of relaxation,” she mockingly states.

When it came time to stand up the next day, pain made its presence known. “Standing up slowly and feeling like my insides would rip out of my stomach was a new and enlightening experience,” the mom recounts. “The pain was more of a tickle, than anything. Nothing severe.”

Her message sheds light on the reality of c-sections, and many have chimed in to share their story and show support.

“Let’s face it, no birth is an easy ride. I’ve only had one and mine was an emergency c-section… My daughter wouldn’t be here now if cesarians weren’t possible so I’m eternally grateful for mine,” shares one mom.

One note acknowledges the strength of mothers who have had c-sections. “I have so much respect and awe for you mamas who have had to have a c-section, especially those of you who have had multiple ones.”

“It took me a long time to not let myself feel like a failure. I can honestly say, my scar does give me pride because I had to be tougher than I ever thought I was to get through the recovery… So thankful my babies and I are alive and well today,” says another.

Tons of moms experience “c-section guilt” after delivery. If you’re coping with this, know it is completely normal, and you did what was best for you and baby.

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