New Mom Reflects on Her Emergency C-Section: 'at That Moment, I Couldn’t Be More Proud'

"Before this experience, the thought of this outcome felt like a failure. But at that moment, I couldn’t be more proud."
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September 24, 2018
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Soon-to-be moms have a lot of time to think, prep and—let’s be frank—obsess over baby’s arrival. And if you’re like most couples, you and your partner already have a plan of action going into effect the second you feel your first contraction. But, as we are so often reminded throughout our pregnancy journey, sometimes the best laid plans go awry.

Samantha Joy, identity coach and bestselling author of The Less Effect: Design Your Life for Happiness and Purpose, learned this lesson while she was giving birth to her son. After hours of pushing brought little progress, she was rushed into surgery for a c-section. The new mom shares her unexpected delivery story on Facebook, saying, “one week ago I birthed a healthy baby boy… And not in the way I ever pictured it.”

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“I spent months intricately crafting a birth plan that allowed my son’s safe entry into the world. I read books, did daily affirmations and visualizations, practiced optimal fetal positioning, exercised, did my hypnosis tracks… There was no way my birth wouldn’t go smoothly with the belief I put behind it,” she says.

And when she first went into labor, it really was smooth sailing for the new mom.

“Everything progressed beautifully, just as I had envisioned. I labored at home for 9 hours to 5 cm. We drove to the hospital, greeted by soft voices and positivity. We were transported to our labor suite complete with dim lighting, calm music and lavender burning. I went directly into the massive jacuzzi tub, where my midwife and nurse respected me declining IVs and fetal monitors. They treated me like a person, not a patient, believing in my plan,” she recounts.

Before long, the woman’s body took over and she began pushing. Yet, with little progress and her baby’s oxygen levels decreasing, Joy’s carefully crafted delivery plan had to be altered.

“Little did I know 26 hours in and 9 hours later of pushing would lead to zero progress and a baby in distress with decreasing oxygen levels. He was facing forward and refused to turn despite my efforts,” she says. “I knew in my heart I had to pivot to bring my baby safely into the world. So I took orders from a doctor (I swore I would never be delivered by a doctor) to take an epidural to get some rest and relax my body to allow the baby to turn. With this came the IVs and monitors.”

And after more hours of fruitless pushing, a c-section was becoming more and more likely.

“Off I went to surgery for a c-section," she recalls. "Thirty more hours in, our beautiful baby was born.”

It may not have been the delivery she anticipated, but it doesn’t make Joy any less proud.

“Before this experience, the thought of this outcome felt like a failure. But at that moment, I couldn’t be more proud. I tried everything I could, never once felt fear, trusted the process and got in the end what I truly wanted…Our little Landon Hail.”

C-sections tend to spark debate among women. Whether someone delivers through a vaginal birth or c-section, the important thing is both are a testament to a mother’s strength and love.

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