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Happy National Siblings Day! Big Siblings Break Developing News

Happy National Siblings Day! While this celebration is basically an excuse to post embarrassing old family photos online, we stopped to ask ourselves a question: What was life like before baby no. 2 came along?

Before there were siblings, there was an only child who had to be told there was a baby on the way. (Need help breaking the news and making the adjustment? We've got you covered.) And when your oldest gets to help tell the world you're expecting again, it makes for some seriously cute photo ops.


She'll have tea for two, thank you very much.

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This equation is way cuter than anything you saw on the board in math class.

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That's a label she's happy to retire.

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Where would Batman be without Robin? Hmm?

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Overprotective big bro in the making?

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Every budding artist needs an adoring fan. Or human easel. Little siblings can definitely be both.

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PHOTO: Amy Aiello Photography
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