Q&A: How Can I Transition My Baby From Bottle to Cup?

I read that my child should have started using a cup already, but he doesn't seem interested in switching from his bottle. How do I teach him how to use a cup and make the bottle transition easier for him?
ByThe Bump Editors
March 2, 2017
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Most babies do have the motor skills to make the switch from bottle to sippy cup before they turn one.  But many children feel the same way about their bottle as they do about a security blanket, which can hinder the transition. So now’s a great time to get started with your little guy — just make the transition very gradually.

Each time you want him to try — and be sure to have him try as often as every day — give him a few different sippy cups so he can choose his favorite; that way, he’ll feel like he has some control over the situation. He’ll probably let the drink run down his face and neck at first, so it might be best to start with water.  Don’t worry, he’ll figure it out within a few weeks — just keep at it.

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