How Can I Stay Organized as a New Mom?

I feel so stressed with my new baby — there's so much going on I can barely keep up with it all. How can I stay better organized? 
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By Anisa Arsenault, Associate Editor
Updated June 30, 2020
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Some new moms like to go with the flow. Others want to track _everythi_ng. Regardless of which one you are, there are easy-to-use apps out there that can restore order to your life. Here, some of our favorites.

Baby’s schedule

“Log when the baby eats and sleeps,” suggests parenting coach Tammy Gold. “Once a pattern has formed, you can implement a schedule around the baby’s needs,” she says. “This will also allow for a constancy of care between all caregivers.”

If you like pencil and paper, check out The Bump Breastfeeding Log, and Sleep Tracker. There’s also an app for that. My Baby & Me by Philips AVENT lets you track baby’s height, weight, feedings, sleeping schedule and diaper changes. And instead of frantically searching the web for child-specific information, you can use The Bump parenting app for week-by-week tips and articles based on baby’s age.

Your budget

Make the financial adjustment of having a new family member easier. Keep track of your finances with Mint, an app that lets you set category-specific budgets. It links to your credit card so you don’t have to remember to log each transaction.

To- do lists

Intuition: Mom’s Personal Assistant lets you create, manage and share to-do lists and grocery lists. Even better, you can share them with your partner, nanny or Grandma.

Baby photos

Have hundreds of pictures on your phone? CanDoBaby! has a BabyBook app that lets you organize, caption and share all of baby’s milestones. You’ll get a physical book for $25.

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