‘I’m Daddy and I Know It’ Video Will Have You Thinking About Dad in a Whole New Way

ByKylie McConville
March 2, 2017
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Image: Altia Long

Prepare to laugh your face off and then hug your own dad, the daddy of your babies, or the soon-to-be father of your bun-in-the oven. The internet sensation “I’m Daddy and I Know It” is the best that to ever happen to the Interwebs since our baby morpher. (Seriously, if you haven’t tried it — go try it RIGHT. NOW.) Point is, you have to watch this video. It’ll make your morning. Maybe it’ll even make your day.

Added bonus? The way this dad handles the day-to-day chaos of life with little ones will make you see the daddy of your own kids in a whole new, steamy light.

Watch and be amazed:

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