How to Make Mom Friends During a Pandemic

"We’ve moved closer to family but in terms of mom friends, I’m starting over."
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Published December 16, 2020
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Like many people over the course of the pandemic, our family decided to change our location. I’m a relatively new mom of two (I have a 2.5 year old and a one year old) and had it made with friends in my previous home in San Francisco. Now we’ve moved closer to family but in terms of mom friends, I’m starting over. Since I’ve been in our new home since the summer, I’ve finally been able to start to form connections with other women.

It’s still new to me but I’m finding my way and have discovered a few learnings for forming new friendships. Granted, these options require you to put yourself out there. Nerve wracking, I know. But I remind myself that so many people are starting fresh as a result of the pandemic. This is your chance to make new friends and form friendships to serve you in motherhood—even if it feels scary, go for it!

Be friendly.

Most of us are dying for social interaction. If I see a mom with kids that looks the same age as mine, I’ll usually ask how old her kids are and what their names are. This starts a conversation and if I enjoy talking to her, I’ll ask for her number so we can set up an outdoor playdate with our kids. We live near the beach so that’s usually a safe bet.

Get introduced.

Ask current friends if they know anyone that lives in your new city/town. I’ve been connected to new friends and we’ve gone on stroller walks and had backyard picnics with our kids. I like this option because there is a mutual friend to kick off the dialogue!

Join town groups on Facebook.

This is something I did right away. Usually cities/towns will have a Moms group that is searchable. For example, Moms of Greenwich. You can always find someone willing to go for a walk. I find people are excited to get out with someone who is willing!

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Join an online community.

Right now this seems like the easiest option— with Covid numbers high and the weather getting colder. I started an online community, CircleMoms to bring moms of newborns and toddlers together for learning and connection with experts. We connect women through weekly classes/meetups and they gather on Slack for outside engagement. Our newborn circles are monthly so there is always a chance to join. I myself participate in our new toddler groups…anyone else struggling with this stage?! I’m looking forward to our upcoming class “Parenting during Covid”, which will cover how to communicate with your child about illness, social skills, and loss during this challenging time.

Formerly in nutrition and wellness, Brittany Forman is the co-founder of CircleMoms, a community for women in the fourth trimester and beyond. Brittany is the mama to two littles and lives with her husband in Greenwich, Connecticut.

Published December 2020

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