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One Mom’s Love for Halloween Turns Son Into an Internet Star

We’re still four days away from Halloween, but baby Noah has already had 27 amazing Halloween costumes — and he can’t even walk yet.  And the little guy is such a quick character study: Jean Valjean, a Minion, Harry Potter, Charlie Brown — he’s been there, worn that.

As you can guess, behind any kick-ass baby Halloween costume is a kick-ass mom creating it. But why did New York writer and mom  Jessica Chavkin  want to go so big this Halloween?

“Since Halloween is my favorite holiday, and Noah is my favorite thing ever, we are celebrating by counting down with a new costume every day until the big day,” she writes on her Tumblr. “I hope that you are amused. I know we will be.” We’re completely amused and in love with Noah and the work of his very creative, Halloween-obsessed mom.

So the million dollar question is: what will Noah actually be on Halloween day? Well, you’ll have to see his big reveal on Instagram. (via Time)

Photo: Jessica Chavkin via Instagram
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