30 Cool Piggy Banks for Kids We Put Our Money on

Teach the value of saving money in a fun, adorable way.
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February 18, 2021
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Image: Courtesy Manufacturer
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It’s never too early to start teaching your child about the value of earning and saving money. But how to tackle the topic in a kid-friendly way? Start by buying them a piggy bank! They’ll learn that stowing away moola—be it loose change, an allowance or birthday cash—can lead to a sweet reward. It encourages patience, strategic thinking and helps advance their math skills. Below, shop our comprehensive roundup of piggy banks for kids in 10 popular categories. Whether you’re looking for a classic ceramic hog or a unique, personalized money bank, we’ve found something you’ll squeal over.

Large Piggy Banks for Kids

Want that cash to really add up? Check out these big piggy banks for boys and girls. They’re all made to store more.

Image: Courtesy PIGZstore

PIGZstore Large Piggy Bank

Keep things classic with a big, minimalist piggy bank for kids. This one has a large belly—perfect for lots of change—and a cute-as-a-button wooden noise.

Buy it: Starting from $57,

Image: Courtesy Pearhead

Pearhead Large Ceramic Polka Dot Piggy Bank

There’s something so sweet about a polka-dotted piggy bank for kids. Even sweeter? The fact that this large piggy bank is only $15, but can certainly hold way more than that! Now that’s an investment.

Buy it:$15,

Image: Courtesy Interior Illusions

Interior Illusions White Piggy Money Decor Coin Bank with Tiara

Looking for a giant piggy bank? Try this extra-large (or should we say extra-long) option. Not only is it fun (the hog is wearing a crown), but it spans a full foot! It’s also pretty darn chic.

Buy it: $50,

Personalized Piggy Banks for Kids

These personalized piggy banks for girls and boys let children stash their cash in something specially made just for them.

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Image: Courtesy The Knot Shop

The Knot Shop Personalized Wooden Piggy Bank for Kids in Pink Owl

This boys’ or girls’ owl piggy bank is a real hoot. We like the fun, painted pattern and—you guessed it—the spot for personalization.

Buy it:$18,

Image: Courtesy Red Heart Creations

Red Heart Creations Kids Treasure Money Box

Help them keep their loot safe in this playful pirate chest-themed custom piggy bank. The personalization reads, “[child’s name]’s treasure” beside a printed pirate ship.

Buy it: Starting from $35,

Image: Courtesy The Knot Shop

The Knot Shop Personalized Wooden Piggy Bank for Kids in White Cat

This fantastic feline is printed with sweet stripes and your child’s moniker.

Buy it: $18,

Ceramic Piggy Banks for Kids

There’s something endearingly timeless about a ceramic piggy bank, which is why they make such popular baptism and first birthday gifts. Here are a couple classic options, plus one more-unique piggy bank for kids.

Image: Courtesy The Lettering Studio

The Lettering Studio Ceramic Custom Piggy Bank

Get this white piggy calligraphed with baby’s name in the color of your choice—pick from pink, blue, black or a fancy metallic shade. It’s sure to make a beautiful nursery decor piece. (It’s also an excellent gift.)

Buy it: Starting from $39,

Image: Courtesy Child to Cherish

Child to Cherish Embellished Piggy Bank

This darling pink piggy bank has a fresh floral pattern and is topped with a bow to boot. Talk about a pretty girls’ piggy bank.

Buy it: $30,

Image: Courtesy Baby Aspen

Baby Aspen Ceramic Shark Bank

As you’ve already noticed, not all “piggy banks” for kids are actually shaped like pigs. Take this creative shark ceramic piggy bank—you toss coins between its jaws.

Buy it: $40,

Cool Piggy Banks for Kids

What makes these piggy banks for kids so cool? Their creative designs are based on things children find especially, well, cool!

Image: Courtesy Child to Cherish

Child to Cherish Ceramic Rocket Bank

On the hunt for a piggy bank for kids that’s out of this world? This ceramic rocket ship is a total statement piece. It’s also ideal for the child obsessed with space.

Buy it: $39,

Image: Courtesy Made by Humans

Made By Humans Balloon Money Bank in Baby Elephant

Elephant piggy banks are almost as popular as pig piggy banks. Set your kid’s money bank apart by buying a balloon animal-shaped version. This cool piggy bank comes in multiple eye-catching metallic hues.

Buy it: $40,

Image: Courtesy Pillowfort

Pillowfort Dinosaur Decorative Coin Bank

Your aspiring paleontologist will roar with excitement when they see this dinosaur piggy bank. The geometric piece will fit right in in any prehistoric-themed playroom or bedroom.

Buy it: $13,

Plastic Piggy Banks for Kids

Ceramic is stylish, but it can also be fragile. These plastic piggy banks are more durable than their pottery counterparts. Because as you know, kids break stuff.

Image: Courtesy The Container Store

The Container Store Palaset Piggy Bank

This plastic piggy bank is clear so your kid can see their money piling up. And even if it does break, it’s only $6. Score.

Buy it: $6,

Image: Courtesy Cisco Sales

Cisco Sales Digi-Piggy Digital Coin Counting Bank

If you’re on the hunt for a digital piggy bank, consider this electronic option. It’s made from highly-durable plastic and counts US coins as they’re inserted. The real-time total gets displayed on the snout screen.

Buy it: $15,

Image: Courtesy Fisher-Price

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Piggy Bank

Your kid doesn’t need actual money to learn about it. This plastic piggy bank comes with toy coins to collect. It also plays songs, phrases and sounds to teach numbers.

Buy it: $15,

Baby Piggy Banks

Buying for baby? These children’s piggy banks are great go-to presents for newborns. That way, they’ll have one on hand when they’re ready to start saving. In the meantime, they make precious nursery accents. They’re also lifelong keepsakes!

Image: Courtesy Susabella

Susabella Baptism Gift Modern Piggy Bank

This Etsy best-seller is fashionably sleek and contemporary. Customize it with a decorative symbol (like a heart, star or cross), baby’s name and a meaningful message about the start of their life journey.

Buy it: $35,

Image: Courtesy Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids Enamel Bank

This ABCs piggy bank for kids (inspired by baby blocks) can be customized with their first name, their birthdate and their birth height and weight. We’re obsessed with the metallic enamel finish.

Buy it: $39,

Image: Courtesy Made4MeTeasures

Made4MeTeasures Personalized Piggy Bank

Here’s another personalized baby piggy bank you can adorn with stats. It’s large enough that there’s space for everything from the time of birth to cute footprint decals.

Buy it: Starting from $45,

Cute Piggy Banks for Kids

Sometimes you just want something super-cute. These animal-themed piggy banks for kids fit the bill.

Image: Courtesy Baby Aspen

Baby Aspen Ceramic Unicorn Bank

Calling all parents of fairytale lovers! Get a load of this enchanting unicorn piggy bank, complete with a pastel ribbon “mane.”

Buy it: $40,

Image: Courtesy Cloud Island

Cloud Island Decorative Coin Bank Fox

If you’re designing a woodland-themed nursery, this piggy bank for kids would make the perfect finishing touch. The white, modern piece is shaped like a friendly fox.

Buy it: $13,

Image: Courtesy Pillowfort

Pillowfort Earthenware Whale Coin Bank

Narwhals are currently all the rage, so here’s a cute piggy bank for kids shaped like the unicorn of the sea. No wonder it’s got a bashful face—it knows how adorable it is!

Buy it: $13,

Electronic Piggy Banks for Kids

It’s a digital age, so of course you can buy electronic piggy banks for kids. These smart products move, count and overall delight.

Image: Courtesy HUSAN

HUSAN Mini ATM Electronic Piggy Bank

Older kids will love using this toy ATM, which they can even lock with their own special password. It comes as a pink piggy bank, a blue one, a red one or even a camo one.

Buy it: $22,

Image: Courtesy Liberty Imports

Liberty Imports My Dog Piggy Bank

This dog piggy bank is doggone impressive. Place coins in the pup’s bowl and watch in awe as he gobbles them up! How’s that for an entertaining electronic piggy bank?

Buy it: $13,

Image: Courtesy Imcolorful

Imcolorful Stealing Coin Panda Box

Or, buy this electronic panda piggy bank, which is similarly attention-grabbing. Put US coins in the designated spot and wait in wonder for the critter to emerge, politely thank you for your contribution and retreat back into the box with your money. Kids and guests alike will get a major kick out of it!

Buy it: $13,

Unique Piggy Banks for Kids

Stand out from the crowd with one of these unique piggy banks for kids. They’re made from fresh materials or come in creative shapes.

Image: Courtesy Pottery Barn Kids

Pottery Barn Kids Animal Bank

This unique piggy bank, with an acrylic center that shows off its stash, comes as either a gray elephant or a white giraffe. It’s great for a jungle-themed room, and the wooden-meets-transparent design is stylishly unexpected.

Buy it: $29,

Image: Courtesy Black Forest

Black Forest Wooden Piggy Bank with Bark

Or, go all out with wood! This large, rustic piggy bank for kids is handcrafted from tree bark, aside from the sweet leather ears.

Buy it: $50,

Image: Courtesy Baby Aspen

Baby Aspen Simply Enchanted Ceramic Castle Bank

Here’s more proof that piggy banks for kids come in practically any shape imaginable. Your little prince or princess will smile as soon as they see this castle piggy bank for boys or girls.

Buy it: $48,

Pop Culture Piggy Banks for Kids

Your budding TV or movie critic can share their passion for saving with their favorite fictional character, courtesy of these children’s piggy banks.

Image: Courtesy Target

Toy Story 4 Pig Ham Coin Bank

Now your child can own their own Toy Story piggy bank, shaped like the series’ beloved Ham.

Buy it: $13,

Image: Courtesy Target

Pokemon Pikachu Coin Bank

Searching for a Pokemon piggy bank to satisfy your kids’ Pikachu obsession? Here you go.

Buy it: $35,

Image: Courtesy Amazon

Batman Bust Bank

This super Batman piggy bank for kids is shaped like their hero. And you know he’ll keep their money safe from robbers!

Buy it: $15, Published May 2019

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