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Presidents Holding Babies

Every politician has to be photographed holding a baby, right? Check out these adorable photos of current and past presidents meeting their tiniest constituents. So sweet!


Who do you think will win this staring contest?

Photo: AP Images / The Bump

Silly Faces

Smart move, President Bush. Tantrum time = time to hand off baby.

Photo: AP Images / The Bump

Family Affair

Look at how tiny baby JFK Jr. looks! We love this photo of President Kennedy and First Lady Jackie at their newborn son’s christening.

Photo: AP Images / The Bump


This baby’s just chilling in President Clinton’s arms. Held by a POTUS? No biggie!

Photo: AP Images / The Bump

Flying High

This baby is catching serious air with the help of President George H.W. Bush.

Photo: AP Images / The Bump

Sweet Dreams

Shh, don’t wake the baby! President Reagan and First Lady Nancy only have eyes for this adorable little one.

Photo: AP Images / The Bump
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