Having Sex After the Mucus Plug Comes Out

Reaching the end of your pregnancy? Learn if it's okay to have sex after your mucus plug comes out.
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ByRobert Wool, MD
May 2017
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If you’re eager to get this baby going, it’s not a given that having sex will help induce labor, but you may as well give it a shot. If you’re just in the mood, that’s ok too!

Simply put, although there’s no guarantee that “natural” induction methods like eating spicy foods, taking a walk or getting busy between the sheets will start labor, I often tell my patients to go ahead and give intercourse a try.

There are some exceptions, though—most notably if you’ve tested positive for Group B Strep, a benign infection in adults but one that can cause respiratory difficulties in newborns. If you have Group B Strep, there’s an increased risk of infection once the mucus plus falls out.

Otherwise, the uterine contractions and release of feel-good prostaglandins that come with orgasm may be enough to nudge your body into labor. And at least you’ll hopefully have a good time getting there!

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