19 Fun, Easy Crafts for Toddlers

In the market for some craft ideas for toddlers? Yep, even the younger set can be ready to tackle some arts and crafts. Here are some of our favorites.
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Updated March 9, 2020
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It’s never too early to introduce your little one to fun crafts with the hopes of inspiring a lifelong love of creativity and learning. Think your toddler is too young for arts and craft? Think again! They may not be in preschool quite yet, but they’re definitely not a baby anymore either (which they probably remind you of, daily). As long as you keep any arts and crafts for toddlers simple and short, your kiddo can totally start creating some of their own masterpieces you’ll certainly treasure for years to come. After all, those early scribbles are adorable!

Need some inspiration? Here, we’ve rounded up lots of craft ideas for toddlers. They’re simple, fun, everyday crafts that’ll work anytime you’re looking for something to keep your little one entertained for a bit. (Trust us, they can be a lifesaver on a rainy afternoon or snow day.)


Dinosaur Footprints

Every little one goes through a dinosaur phase at one point or another—so if you’re ever in need of craft ideas for toddlers, look to the prehistoric beasts! Channel their obsession into a project they’ll love with this dinosaur craft for toddlers, from the Keeper of the Cheerios blog. Just dip the dinos’ feet into paint and let your tot tramp them all over the paper, leaving colorful footprints in their wake.


Paper Plate Snail

Toddlers may not have perfected their grip on crayons and colored pencils yet. That’s why this snail creation from the Kids Activities blog makes a perfect craft for toddlers: It uses cotton balls to apply non-toxic paint! You may have to cut the paper plate yourself, but it’s a small price to pay for what could be one of your little one’s earliest artistic masterpieces.


Cat in the Hat Craft

Whether you’re honoring the author’s birthday in March or just celebrating his beloved characters, Dr. Seuss crafts are a surefire winner for toddlers. Jackie at I Heart Arts n Crafts uses a picture of her child to create an absolutely adorable Cat in the Hat craft. Because let’s be honest, toddlers love looking at photos of themselves.


Coffee Filter Tulip Suncatcher

Here’s another project that’ll turn your child’s scribbles into a masterpiece. Christina from There’s Just One Mommy turns coffee filter art into a flower craft for toddlers that’s the perfect harbinger of spring (or for when you just need to brighten your window).


Fresh Flower Suncatcher

Here’s another project that’ll turn your child’s scribbles into a masterpiece. Christina from There’s Just One Mommy turns coffee filter art into a flower craft for toddlers that’s the perfect harbinger of spring (or for when you just need to brighten your window).


Scrunched Foil Hearts

It doesn’t have to be Valentine’s Day to make heart crafts for toddlers! Rather, they can simply remind your little one just how much you love them. And we love this scrunched foil heart craft from the Crafts on Sea blog, where Kate uses aluminum foil for a wacky twist on texture painting. The good news? It turns out looking amazing, even with your toddler at the helm.


Coffee Filter Butterflies

Kids love butterflies, you love easy crafts for toddlers—which is why these coffee filter butterflies from Honey and Lime are a win-win. Here, your kiddo can take center stage decorating the butterfly while you help pull it together with a pipe cleaner. What better way to celebrate Mother Nature than with butterfly crafts?


Paper Roll Caterpillars

Empty toilet paper rolls take on new meaning when it comes to crafts for toddlers—you can make them into just about anything! And this cute caterpillar craft from Crafts 4 Toddlers is a great example. It’s a nod to what was likely one of baby’s earliest favorite books, The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


Velcro Popsicle Sticks

Popsicle stick crafts for toddlers are a classic. Admittedly, this is less of a craft and more of an activity, but we’re sure loving these brilliant Velcro craft sticks, courtesy of Powerful Mothering. They’re a great way for your child to check key developmental boxes like fine motor and critical thinking skills, and they’re tons of fun too!


Dr. Seuss Handprints

Must Have Mom shows us how to make some seriously amazing handprint art with these Dr. Seuss crafts for toddlers. These Thing 1 and Thing 2 handprints would make adorable gifts for grandparents, or could even be used for invitations to a Dr. Seuss-themed party.


Masking Tape Name Art

Tape resist art is one of our favorite craft ideas for toddlers simply because it looks amazing no matter how much your toddler scribbles. In fact, that’s exactly the point. For this toddler craft, Macy at Crafty Confessions uses masking tape to help little ones create beautiful art that proudly displays their own names.


Heart Spin Painting

Remember salad spinners? If yours happens to still be tucked in the far corner of your pantry, it’s time to break it out for this fun project, one of our favorite easy crafts for toddlers. Angela at [Projects with Kids]( shows us how to make beautifully painted hearts using a spin painting technique. One thing’s for sure—this one’s bound to get pretty messy, so don’t skip the smock!


Dinosaur Painting

When it comes to crafts for toddlers, hand and footprint art is always a go-to. And we love these big, chomping dinosaur heads from Crafty Morning—who would have thought they were made from your kiddos’ tiny toes? You’ll just need a few materials for this dinosaur craft for toddlers, and it’ll come together in a “snap.”


Paper Plate Butterflies

There’s a reason bug crafts for toddlers are so popular! Happy Hooligans brings us one of our favorites. A simple fold-over technique is all it takes to pull off this easy butterfly craft for toddlers, which makes it perfect for even the youngest aspiring crafters.


Mess-Free Muddy Truck Painting

Have you ever wished you could let your toddler play in the mud without getting dirty? Now you can, with this craft from Happy Toddler Playtime. Break out the trucks and let them ride all over the brown paint. Bonus idea: Include a white piece of paper to capture the tracks they make with their favorite trucks and vehicles.


Tie Dye Baby Wipes

If you’re in search of easy crafts for toddlers, you’ll love this one that uses materials straight out of your toddler’s own room: baby wipes! Your child will have a blast doing these surprisingly cute tie dye creations from Jenae at I Can Teach My Child.


Handprint Heart Keepsake

Heart crafts for toddlers always end up making the best DIY gifts, don’t they? And this craft from Messy Little Monster is no exception. Here, your toddler’s little hands work together to form a handprint heart that’ll steal the hearts of just about anyone. Whether you’re doing toddler crafts for an upcoming holiday or just for fun, these handprint hearts should definitely be on your to-do list.


Paper Roll Butterflies

Empty toilet paper rolls take center stage once again in this super-cute butterfly craft, courtesy of the Look We’re Learning blog. Let your little one handle the toddler-friendly tasks like coloring and gluing, while you pull the whole thing together for a fun craft they can be proud of.


Pom-Pom Sheep

The best arts and crafts for toddlers are the ones you can create together, like this adorable sheep craft from Simple Everyday Mom. (What toddler doesn’t love farm animals?) While it involves a bit of work on your part, your toddler will feel super important when they pop the white pom-poms on for the finishing touch.

Updated December 2019

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