Twin Fetal Growth?

Will my multiples grow at the same rate in utero, and if not, how will I know?
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With single babies, an OB can whip out a tape measure and determine a baby’s growth just by looking at the size of your uterus. But when there’s more than one baby involved, it’s more difficult to estimate how much nutrition each one is getting. That’s why most moms of multiples get frequent ultrasounds, which are the most accurate way to make sure everyone is doing fine. Most of the time, your tots will be growing at similar, although not identical, rates. Doctors like to see them stay within about 20 percent of each other’s weight. Some twins do develop fetal growth restriction, a complication where one baby gains too little weight compared with his sibling with the norm. But the good thing is, your doctor is likely to be on top of your babies’ development throughout the pregnancy, so you can address any problems if they should arise.

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