"What I Wish I’d Known About Breastfeeding"

Lessons moms learned while going down the nursing road.
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Updated March 2, 2017
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“I wish I had looked at diagrams of a proper latch. But, instead, I got hands-on help from family, friends, midwives and lactation consultants and that was absolutely priceless.” — cubits*

“That sometimes, no matter what you do, it won’t work out and it’s not your fault.” — kaar17

“That I would change my views on nursing in public completely. Before, I thought it was unnecessary, but now I think that people who have a problem with it can just look away!” — finallywed!

“If only I’d known she would want to eat every hour for the first couple of weeks. I felt like all I did was nurse her!” — fairiestarrdust

“That your nipples can spray milk during letdown — what a surprise that was!” — mariamaria

“The horrible pain, cracked and bleeding nipples I was going to have. It hurt like a mother! But I stuck with it and it got so much better.” — rd’sgirl

*Some usernames have been changed.

Please note: The Bump and the materials and information it contains are not intended to, and do not constitute, medical or other health advice or diagnosis and should not be used as such. You should always consult with a qualified physician or health professional about your specific circumstances.

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