Q&A: Will My Multiples Have to Stay in the NICU After Birth?

What is the likelihood that my multiples will need to stay in the NICU?
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By Karen Moise, RN, Registered Nurse
Updated February 28, 2017
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It’s important to know that multiples have a much higher rate of prematurity than singletons. And with premature labor comes the risk that your babies won’t be fully developed – which means they will need special care in the NICU before they can go home. Of course, how long they stay in the NICU will depend on a number of factors, including gestation at delivery, weight, any complications that have occurred, and the overall health of the babies. But try not to be too overwhelmed by the NICU – it’s just a place for your babies to receive extra special care. The best thing you can do is plan ahead to find the highest level NICU in your region, in the event that your babies do need to spend time there.

In addition to a birth plan, make what I like to call a BUMP plan (a baby urgent medical plan) that clearly lists the closest NICU IIIC (the highest level). These high-level NICUs guarantee a neonatologist on-site 24/7 and a wide-array of full-time pediatric specialists and advanced technologies. Doing your research in advance will pay off in case of a complication once your baby is born.

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