Your Baby Is 45 Weeks Old!

Baby's language has improved to the point where she's actually starting to mean what she says (or squeals). Continue talking to her and responding to whatever you think she's trying to convey. She'll soon be able to understand simple directions like "hold the ball" or "pass me the cup." Games like peekaboo and patty-cake will help further develop her communication and memory.
March 2, 2017
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A unique form of sign language
Baby loves reading books with you. Make storytime even more educational by encouraging her to point at familiar objects in the pages. You may also notice baby pointing at things in the real world — this is her way of letting you know what she wants or is interested in when she doesn’t have the words. Help her out by naming whatever it is she’s pointing at — soon, she’ll be able to say it herself.


[tip]  Try not to overreact if baby takes a minor tumble. If you remain calm and collected, she’ll be more likely to stay cool as well.

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