Your Baby Is 48 Weeks Old!

Baby's speech development is growing rapidly these days, so try not to use baby talk too much when communicating with him. He's learning the language from those around him, so use simple adult language. Though baby's speech won't be as coherent as yours for a few years, encourage him to keep talking (and crack the code). If you correct him too much, it can get discouraging. Plus, it's pretty cute to hear him talk, even if you're the only one who understands what he's saying.
February 26, 2017
Your Baby Is 48 Weeks Old!
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Walk this way
Baby’s crawling days are numbered! If he hasn’t already taken his first steps, it might happen soon. Sit in front of him with your arms extended and a big smile on your face to encourage him to walk toward you, and don’t forget to keep a camera nearby!

**[tip] **If you’re having trouble spoon-feeding baby, give him his own spoon to hold. This will distract him and allow him to practice feeding himself and give you the chance to continue more easily.

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