Other Origin(s):African, German
Meaning:Of Maurice; Dark-skinned, Moorish, the native people of Mauretania; Of Amalric; Work power; Prince; ruler
Step aside, Maury, because Amaury is ready to steal the spotlight! This striking cousin of Maurice shares the same Latin roots. When the African region, Mauretania—now Algeria and North Africa—came under Roman rule in 40 CE, the Roman soldiers called its native people the Moors or Mauri. And so Amaury means "dark-skinned" and "Moorish." Forms of Maurice were popular during the 20th century but are now in the midst of a revival. They've also evolved to be gender-neutral. Alternatively, Amaury may derive from Old German Amalric, adding "work power," "prince," and "ruler" to the mix. Both classic and contemporary, Amaury has all the charm and noble spirit to enrich your family tree.
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