Meaning:Melodious lady; Fair lady
Beibhinn or Béibhinn is a girl’s name of Irish origin. It has its roots in Celtic mythology, and is most likely a combination of the Irish words bean (woman) and binn (melodious, sweet, pleasing.) However, some believe that the second part of the name may derive from the word fionn (fair), leading to the variant Béfionn. It is sometimes anglicized as Bevin or Vivian, though it has no connection to the latter name. Béibhinn may have been a Celtic goddess associated with birth, and a sister of the river goddess Boann. She has been described as an underworld goddess in Irish and Welsh mythology, and as a beautiful giantess in the Fenian Cycle of Irish mythology. The name was also borne by real historical figures in early Ireland, including High King Brian Boru’s mother and one of his daughters. With such a rich and fascinating history, Beibhinn is a beautiful choice if you’re looking for a rare Irish name.

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