Meaning:Of Daniel; God is my judge
Danylo is a variant of the Hebrew name Daniel, which combines the elements dan, meaning “judge” and el, meaning “God.” Together, they form the meaning “God is my judge.” Daniel was a biblical figure who played a prominent role in the Book of Daniel. Considered a prophet by Christians and Muslims, and an important figure in Judaism, Daniel was famed for his piety and good deeds. In his most famous story, he was saved by God after being thrown into a den of lions. This classic biblical name has many variants, including Danyel, Danyal, Daniele, Daniël, and more. Danylo can be found in Serbia and Ukraine, while the similar spelling of Danilo is used in Portugal, Brazil, Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy. Why not join a long-held tradition by choosing this ancient name for baby?
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