Meaning:Awe, terror
Egill is a jaw-dropping name of Icelandic origin. It's typically seen as a masculine name and means "awe" and "terror." If the ancient stuff of nigthmares is what your heart desires, buckle up for this thrilling ride! Coming from the famously known Egil's Saga, Egil or Egill Skallagrimsson is the name of the tale's anti-hero. He was known as a Viking war poet, sorcerer, berserker, and even a farmer. He lived from 904 to 995 in Iceland and his life was tumultuous from beginning to end. He was historically brutal from the young age of just seven, and continued his killing streak for the res of his life. Whether you're fascinated by the history or would much rather take just the poetic influence of this legendary figure, Egill is a strong statement to make for baby's life.
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