Other Origin(s):British, Irish
Meaning:Heathen; Hay valley; Hay hill; Hedge hill; Fiery; Bringer of fire
Haydan is a gender-neutral name of German and possibly Welsh origin. It’s a variant of Hayden, which derives from the surname Haydn, which came into use as a given name in honor of the composer Joseph Haydn. The surname has its origins in the nickname Heiden, meaning “heathen” in Middle High German. Alternatively, the name may come from Old English, with the possible meanings “hay valley,” “hay hill,” and “hedge hill.” It might also be a variant of the Irish name Aidan, meaning “fiery” or “bringer of fire.” Whichever meaning or origin you prefer, there’s no doubting this name’s popularity! Hayden is a much-loved name in the US and Australia, partly due to celebrity bearers such as Hayden Panettiere and Hayden Christensen. If you’re looking for a less common variant, Haydan will help baby stand out from the crowd while still remaining on-trend.
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