Other Origin(s):Dutch, German, Irish, Norse
Meaning:Ever ruler; Home ruler; Army ruler; Descendant of Erc; Speckled
Herrick is a boy’s given name and surname of English, Dutch, or Irish origin. As an English surname, it derives from the Old Norse given name Eiríkr, meaning “ever ruler.” A fitting name for the little one who’s sure to reign over your household! As a Dutch surname, it derives from a Dutch form of Henry, meaning “home ruler,” or from the Germanic elements harjaz and rīks. These combine to form the meaning “army ruler.” Alternatively, Herrick may derive from the Irish surname Ó hEirc, meaning “descendant of Erc” or “speckled.” Whichever meaning or origin you prefer, this rare surname name has the benefit of being recognizable in several different countries. It’s sure to help baby make friends wherever they go!
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