Other Origin(s):Latin
Meaning:Innocent, blameless
The gender-neutral name Innocentius is a Swiss name with Latin roots. It has a rich history and meaning that reflects the mix of German, French, and Italian influences in the country. It’s also a nod to Switzerland’s history as part of the Roman Republic, when the Latin language was first introduced to the resident Celtic tribes. This time-honored name is connected to the figure of Pope Innocent III, who was one of the most powerful and influential popes in medieval history, as well as the other popes who share this name. It’s derived from the Latin _innocens_, meaning “innocent” or “blameless.” Innocentius is associated with the concept of righteousness and moral integrity, carrying strong positive and virtuous connotations. If you want to inspire your little one to uphold high ethical standards, Innocentius is a perfect fit.

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