Other Origin(s):Egyptian, Uncertain
Meaning:From the Ionian Islands; Ionian Sea; Devotees of Apollo; Bowmen; Archers; Power
Ionia is a feminine name rich with meaning. In one sense, it refers to the Ionian Sea, the islands of Ionia in Asia Minor, and its people, the Ionians, one of the four major Greek tribes during the ancient period. This, in turn, may be derived from the cry iḕ paiṓn uttered in worship to distinguish the tribe as “devotees of Apollo.” It can also mean “bowmen” or “archers,” in line with how the Egyptians depicted a group of foreign sea-faring invaders around 1200-900 BCE. Yet another source points towards “power” as the moniker’s meaning. With such a colourful past, you can choose Ionia for your little one, especially if you’d like them to live an equally dynamic and plentiful life.
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