Other Origin(s):Greek, Hebrew
Meaning:Healer; Supplanter, leg-puller
Combine the nickname Jay and the feminine suffix -lynne, and you get the name Jaylynne. This modern moniker is perfect for girls. Jay is a diminutive of James, Jacob, and Jason, among others. James and Jacob both originally come from the Hebrew name Ya’aqov, meaning “supplanter” or “leg-puller,” whereas Jason can be traced back to the Greek moniker Iason, which signifies “healer.” It is derived from the term iaomai, translating to “to heal.” Baby Jaylynne may decide to journey into the medical field, curing people for a living. Or perhaps they’ll shoot for the SNL stars and become a professional comedian—or leg-puller. Wherever life takes them, baby Jaylynne’s destiny is in their hands.
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