Other Origin(s):Gaelic
Meaning:One who mumbles; Softly spoken; Half; Sick person; Leper
Boasting strong Irish roots and somewhat of a mystical charm, the name Lawler is typically masculine and stems from the Gaelic surname Ó Leathlobhair. Despite its striking meaning, we are sure baby will never be stumbling over their words when it comes to voicing their opinion. This surname-turned-given name means “the one who mumbles” or “softly spoken.” An ideal choice for those with Celtic heritage, we have no doubt this sweet title will keep baby connected to their ancestry on the Emerald Isle. Although Lawler is composed of the elements leath, meaning “half,” and lobhar, meaning “sick person” or “leper,” we believe your sweet little bundle of joy will bring nothing but healing and good health to your life. We are pretty confident in saying Lawler is a very solid choice. Did we stutter?
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