Meaning:Laurel tree; Symbol of victory; Alluring
From Ancient Rome to German legend, the feminine name Lorelei has a world of meaning behind it. Similar to the names Lauren, Laura, and others along the vine, this lyrical title stems from the laurel tree. In ancient times, the laurel leaf was a symbol of victory, and could be the perfect emblem for the newest champion of your heart. A German legend puts a darker twist on the name, as Lorelei is the name of a seductress who led sailors to shipwreck through her hauntingly beautiful voice. Talk about a girl who makes a lasting impression! Fans of early 2000s TV will know the incredible characters who gave this name a new lease on life, albeit with a slightly different spelling. Lorelai Gilmore and daughter Rory, a nickname for Lorelai, make up the dynamic duo that is the Gilmore Girls. A sassy set, these independent women can inspire a girl who knows what she wants and will stop at nothing to get it.
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