Meaning:Surging; Gleaming darkly; Purple, purple dye
Porphyrios is a boy’s name of Greek origin. Magical in meaning and background, this legendary moniker is sure to ignite your imagination. The name Porphyrios is said to come from Porphyrion, who, according to Greek mythology, was king of the Giants of Pallene and never one to back down from a battle. As told in ancient texts, he was defeated by Herakles and Zeus in an effort to woo the goddess Hera. Perhaps Porphyrios—like the original—isn’t as popular as other Olympian names. But its edgy, other-worldly meanings of “surging” and “gleaming darkly” will spark baby’s charm like dynamite. It can also translate to “purple” or “purple dye” for the little one who’s already claimed their favorite color.

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