Meaning:One from Delphi; To rot, decay
Pythias is a gender-neutral name of Greek origin to inspire baby’s love for folklore. One of its meanings is “one from Delphi,” connecting your little one to an ancient sacred temple in Greece that was called Pytho in legend. Baby can also have a connection to Delphi’s powerful high priestess and oracle Pythia, who worshipped the Greek god Apollo. For a darker, more macabre meaning, Pythias can also come from the Ancient Greek word pythos, meaning “to rot” or “decay.” While this translation may sound a bit unpleasant at first, this can inspire strength and courage in your bundle of joy. It actually comes from the legend of Apollo slaying a monstrous serpent called Python at Delphi. With the name Pythias, baby is sure to have plenty of room to build their mystical, celestial spirit.
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