Other Origin(s):French
Quentina, a girl's name of Latin and French origin, carries a beautiful and symbolic meaning, "fifth." It's an ideal choice to celebrate the arrival of the fifth member of your growing family or to honor a child born in May. Quentina is the feminine counterpart of Quentin, tracing its roots back to the Latin term quintus. Quentin, the male version of this name, has left a mark in the world of cinematography and directing. Movies like Pulp FictionKill BillDjango Unchained, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood have been shaped by Quentin Tarantino's vision, introducing cross-genre storytelling and extended dialogue narration as mainstream filmmaking tools. Choosing Quentina for your little one is like embarking on a journey of creativity, connecting them with a legacy of storytelling and keeping chronological count in the the most meaningful way.
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