Meaning:Gift from god; Honor; Sacrifice; Dwelling
Comb through the Hebrew Bible, and you will find the name Zebulun makes an appearance as the youngest son of Jacob and Leah. Though he is said to have founded the Israelite Tribe of Zebulun, his name is usually subjected to many theories around its etymology. The first being that it derives from zebed meaning “gift from God,” to imply Leah’s fortune of having six sons. Another thread suggests that it comes from yizbeleni meaning “honor,” while a third source would link the moniker with the word zibhe meaning “sacrifice,” to refer to the commercial activities of the tribe. Yet another would point to “dwelling” as its definition. While we may never agree on one meaning, what is irrefutable is the sheer goodness packed into each syllable. To reap the benefits, listen to that voice inside your head, and pick Zebulun for your little miracle child.
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