Mom Responds After Video Shaming Her for Breastfeeding Goes Viral

Izabele Lomax was enjoying a beautiful day on the beach when a stranger secretly filmed and uploaded a video to Facebook to shame her for breastfeeding in public. See her response here.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Associate Editor
Published August 18, 2023
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Social media is a powerful tool to connect mothers from all walks of life. While there’s plenty of opportunities to learn and share experiences, sometimes a simple scroll through the online world can lead to unexpected revelations. That’s exactly what happened to the vibrant new mom, Izabele Lomax, as she browsed her Facebook feed.

After a day spent enjoying the beach with her little one, Lomax was shocked when scrolling through a breastfeeding support group, she found a video capturing a private moment turned public spectacle.

The post depicted a mother nursing her child at a beach, captured without her knowledge or consent. The accompanying text was laden with opinions and judgments, reeking of a lack of empathy and understanding. It was a shock for anyone to see, but for Izabele Lomax, it was a moment of realization that hit close to home.

Hailing from Maryland, Lomax’s curiosity grew as she zoomed in on the photo. To her astonishment, she recognized the face – her own – and the very beach where the event transpired.

“I was like, ‘That’s me!’” Lomax told Today in an interview. Upon reading the caption, Lomax’s emotions intensified. The text disparaged not just her act of breastfeeding but also her right to do so in a public space. The caption condemned mothers who breastfeed openly without covering up, dismissing their choice as disrespectful and offensive.

The video footage showcased an oblivious Lomax, shaded by a beach umbrella, nurturing her 9-week-old son, Baker. Accompanied by her fiancé and parents, the family appeared to be relishing a serene moment in their own private alcove.

Lomax recalled, “We were in our own little area and I didn’t notice anyone staring at us or anything. It wouldn’t even occur to me that somebody would be upset about me feeding my child.”

On that particularly sweltering day, Lomax faced a dilemma familiar to countless mothers – balancing her baby’s comfort and well-being. The choice to breastfeed uncovered was driven by a concern for Baker’s risk of overheating. While the shaming post echoed the sentiments of a particular individual, it stood in stark contrast to the support of many moms who defended Lomax and her choices.

The National Conference of State Legislators affirms that mothers possess the right to breastfeed in any public or private setting across all 50 U.S. states.

Izabele Lomax’s experience highlights a larger narrative, one where modern parenthood intersects with the virtual realm, revealing the complexities of personal choices, societal expectations and the power of empathy. In a world where technology can both unite and divide, her story serves as a reminder that standing up against unwarranted shaming is not just an individual’s battle, but a collective responsibility.

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