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Car Seat Safety Causes Crazy Amounts of Stress for New Parents, Study Says

More products and information available than ever before make for very overwhelmed parents.
PUBLISHED ON 09/26/2018

A new survey looked at the overwhelming choices new parents make when it comes to driving with young kids, and the results aren’t pretty. As it turns out, parents’ No. 1 cause for stress when it comes to child safety gear is choosing the right car seat.

The call for more car safety resources for parents of young kids is ever-present. In fact, 7 in 10 new parents feel they need education based on safe driving, according to the survey from The Harris Poll on behalf of Volvo Car USA.

If you’ve ever spiraled into Google’s dark rabbit hole of car seat searches, you’re likely not alone. An astounding 71 percent of parents are overwhelmed by the mere number of models available, and 58 percent find the topic frustrating to research.

The stress for new parents doesn’t stop once the car seat is selected. A startling 41 percent regret the car seat they purchased, and then proceed to worry about installing the seat correctly and keeping up with recalls. A majority of parents even wish they had access to a professional car seat installer.

With the stress of selecting and properly installing the car seat at an all-time high, many parents ignore a few important factors easily accessible to them on the car seat’s box. To put it in perspective, only 35 percent of parents actually check the car seat expiration date.

The Bump's Car Seat Safety Tips:

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To help address these issues, on National Seat Check Saturday (mark your calendars for Sept. 29!), participating Volvo retailers will host certified CPS technicians to help parents properly install or check an already installed car seat—regardless of the type of vehicle and free of charge. Check out the full list of participating retailers, as well as child safety resources for new parents.

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