How to Turn Little Moments Into Big Celebrations All Year Long

Because no day is too small to celebrate.
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By Stephanie Grassullo, Contributing Writer
Published December 18, 2018
group of moms and babies celebrating small moments with mini picnic
Image: Veronica Coleman

You can tell a lot about a person from their Pinterest board. And according to Pinterest’s 100 trends to watch for in 2019, one thing happening across the (Pinterest) board is celebrations—and lots of them.

And we’re not just talking about pregnancy announcements, gender reveals and baby showers. Of course those are all cause for celebration, but people are also finding ways to appreciate small moments all 365 days of the year. From DIY picnics to quick getaways just because, the search for “mini moment celebrations” is up by 113 percent since last year, according to Pinterest.

Not sure how to turn the ordinary into extraordinary? We found some inspiration a la pins. Check out our favorite ways to celebrate below.

Pretend to be Tourists

Everyone’s always yearning for the next adventure, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pack up the family for a weekend getaway. There are so many hidden gems tucked away in your home state’s backyard that you have yet to discover. Spend a Saturday with the family doing all the local tourist-y things you normally overlook. It’s like being on vacation without the cost of travel, hotel, packing and all the other hassles.

Go Camping (In Your Backyard)

Get in touch with nature…Sort of. Plan a family camping trip to your backyard. Get out the sleeping bags, flash lights and tents, and pack some tasty camping snacks. Leave your cell, iPad and any other smart devices indoors, and trade them in for a night full of family fun and games. No backyard? No problem. You can take your camping adventures into the basement, living room and beyond. As long as you get creative, you and your kids will have fun.

Have a Scavenger Hunt

Let your kids put their noggins to work to see how quickly they can complete all the tasks in the scavenger hunt. You can DIY it, or draw inspiration from Pinterest-worthy ideas. This rhyming riddle scavenger hunt challenges kids to solve riddles in order to figure out which household items are on the list. Or take the fun outside and have kids explore their surroundings with a nature-oriented hunt. And big and little kids alike will have a blast playing along with the selfie scavenger hunt.

A Photo A Day Challenge

Your storage on your phone may be slim, but you have to have enough room for just one extra photo of the whole family every day. Once you take the snapshot, you can email it to yourself and then delete it from your phone. Keep a file on your computer and by the end of the year, you can create an album with 365 selfies of you and your adorable clan.

Plan a Picnic

It’s so simple, but when was the last time someone actually had a good ol’ fashioned picnic? Make it easy on yourself and pack premade snacks and goodies your kids love, and gather up all the picnic essentials—kites, frisbees, balls and some of your kids’ favorite toys.

Play Hooky

Shh, we won’t tell. Take the day off from work and call the kids out from school. Your little ones will be so excited by the spur of the moment fun, that it’ll be an easy lift on your part. Stay in your jammies, and have ice cream for breakfast and order pizza for lunch. It’s okay to let loose for just one day.

Bake a Cake

You don’t need a birthday just to bake a cake. Is it the first day of the month? Bake a cake in the shape of the number one to start the month off on the right foot. Plus, number baked goodies are all the rage right now according to Pinterest, where the search for “number cakes” is up by 314 percent.

Press Play on Home Videos

Whether it was last year or a four years ago, it’s fun to take a trip down memory lane. Your kids will love seeing themselves on the big screen, and you’ll love reminiscing on those sweet moments. For added fun, dig up your and your partner’s home videos too! Tiny tots will be amazed to see their parents were once as small as they are.

Dance in the Rain

Rainy days don’t have to be dreary. Throw on your rain slicks, slide into your boots and have a full-on rain dance with your kids. Sure, you’ll all get a little wet, but what better way to relieve some stress and turn a drab day into a fab memory?

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