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Celebrity Pregnancy Predictions For 2013!

From Blake and Brandy to Khloe K, we’ve got a hunch that 2013 might bring more than just career success to these leading ladies and their red-hot Hollywood partners. Take a peek at all of the celebrity divas we’re hoping will add mom-to-be to their resumes this year!
PUBLISHED ON 01/15/2013


Already very proud parents to their daughter, Blue Ivy, we’re hoping (err...more like begging) that Bey and Jay make room for one more in their famous brood. Can’t you just imagine how cute Blue would be as big sis to a baby brother or sister? Gah!

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Blake Lively

We’ve been on Blake Bump Watch ever since the actress sneaked away to Boone Hall Plantation in South Carolina to say “I do” to her Green Lantern costar Ryan Reynolds. And since she just wrapped up filming Gossip Girl, we’re thinking it’s about time these two newlyweds cozied up in their gorgeous Bedford, New York, home together....

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Khloe Kardashian

We’ve been giving Khloe a free pass for a while now: First, her husband, NBA player Lamar Odom, got traded to Dallas, then traded back to LA, and just last year big sis Kim forced Khloe to come clean about her fertility issues. But for heaven’s sake, can it be Khloe’s turn already?!? We’ll be the first to admit we’d rather see a Klomar baby than a Kimye babe.

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Jennifer Aniston

Okay, okay, fine — we can’t wait for Jen to finally tie the knot either, but come on! Our girl is finally getting her fairy tale and we’d still be big fans if she and Justin Theroux put their nuptials on hold for a few years to make way for a future flower girl or ring bearer!

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Hilary Duff

The Lizzie McGuire star got started on her family young (she was 25 when she had son Luca Cruz), so why not keep going? Pro hockey player hubby Mike Comrie retired from the NHL last year, so they’ve got plenty of time to try for baby number two.

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Jessica Biel Timberlake

After officially breaking our teenybopper hearts and marrying beau Justin Timberlake in a lavish (and lovely!) Italian ceremony, the least Jess can do is give us an heir to the ’N Sync throne. Here’s the kicker: Jess went public about taking time off from work right after saying “I do.” So here’s hoping JT will soon be trading in his sexy R&B hits for sweet lullabies.

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The singer was so stunned by her spontaneous proposal from boyfriend Ryan Press that we’re pretty sure these two are still stuck on cloud nine. Since it seems the celebrity trend is to welcome baby to the world before tying the knot, we’re going to go out on a limb and just guess baby will make its debut before mom stuns in a wedding dress!

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