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For Dinner Tonight: Fresh ‘N Fruity Grilled Pineapple Salsa

PUBLISHED ON 06/30/2013

If there's one thing to love about summer (aside from being warm, the constant sunshine, the maxi dresses, shorts, beach and boat days and the endless summer BBQs), it's the surplus of fresh, in-season fruit! With so much juicy goodness at our finger tips, it's hard to keep coming up with creative recipes that the whole family will enjoy. But tonight, we've got a real crowd pleaser on tap with this delish grilled pineapple salsa recipe. (Just saying it makes me hungry.)

Serve it as a side dish, an appetizer, an afternoon snack or a funky topping for that grilled chicken you just whipped up. We love it for its simple shopping list and the fact that it takes less than a half an hour to prepare. The best part? You can spend all dinner long enjoying it!

Head on over to for the grilled pineapple salsa recipe — and get ready to link your fingers!

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