This Is the Name Experts Predict Harry and Meghan Will Give Baby No. 2

Naming experts are making their predictions on what the couple could wind up naming baby, based on whether it’s a boy or a girl.
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Updated February 23, 2021
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry walking down stairway, smiling and waving.
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Ever since Harry and Meghan Markle announced they’re expecting their second child earlier this month, experts have been trying to figure out what they’ll end up naming baby.

According to one report, many are betting that the baby, should it be a girl, will be named after Harry’s late mother, Diana. Prince William, Harry’s older brother, paid tribute to the Princess of Wales by giving his second child, Charlotte, the middle name of Diana.

Meanwhile, if the baby is a boy, the leading name is predicted to be Thomas, both the name of Meghan’s father and half brother and what experts believe is a traditional royal name. Other naming predictions include Victoria, after Queen Victoria, Elizabeth, after the reigning Queen, Spencer and Albert. Along with the name, many are also making their bets on baby’s gender and when baby will be born.

Below, some of the experts’ predictions on the leading naming choices and the odds they’ll be chosen.

  • Diana - 10/1
  • Thomas - 10/1
  • Spencer - 12/1
  • Albert - 16/1
  • Elizabeth - 16/1
  • Philip - 16/1
  • Victoria - 20/1
  • Alexandria - 20/1
  • James - 20/1
  • Alexander - 25/1
  • Alfred - 25/1
  • Charles - 25/1
  • William - 25/1
  • Alice - 33/1
  • Catherine - 33/1
  • Emma - 33/1
  • Frederick - 33/1
  • Grace - 33/1
  • Greta - 33/1
  • Henry 33/1

Currently, Meghan and Harry’s children are seventh-in-line for the throne, making it unlikely that they will ever become the monarch and offering more freedom when it comes to picking names. While classic royal Windsor names are on the list, experts believe the couple may also go a more unconventional route and opt for a range of names that are more popular in America.

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