IHOP Manager Puts Couple in Their Place After They Ask a Breastfeeding Mom to Cover Up

When the couple requested the mom cover up or leave, the manager told them to calm down or they would need to leave the restaurant.
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January 2, 2019
ihop manager defends mom breastfeeding in their restaurant
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More often than not, we hear stories about moms who are shamed while breastfeeding in restaurants or other public spaces. So when a mom takes to Facebook to share a positive nursing experience, it shows progressive change is always within reach.

While dining in an IHOP in Texas with her 7-month-old son, a mother was put in an uncomfortable situation by fellow patrons. When they asked if she could either cover up or leave the restaurant, the manager quickly came to her defense, citing the mama’s legal rights.

“We were also made aware of a couple…who had the nerve to ask the manager to have me either cover up or be kicked out of the restaurant for breastfeeding my 7-month-old son. This manager was so professional, as she quickly whipped out her cell phone to explain to this couple that I was well within my legal rights and 49 other states say just that,” the unnamed mom recounts.

That, however, wasn’t enough for the pair, who continued to cause a scene. When faced with the hostility, the manager gave them an ultimatum.

“After the couple continued to get loud with the manager, she very nicely asked [them] to either leave or calm down. Needless to say, this ignorant couple left,” the mom says. “I am so thankful that she stood up for my family and my rights to breastfeed my son in public."

Little by little, we are beginning to finally normalize breastfeeding. Even celebrities have taken part in the cause. Last month, the internet lost its mind (in the best way possible!) when a picture of Rachel McAdams pumping while posing for a photo shoot went viral. And moms are always quick to support one another. A recent movement has pumping and nursing women leaving notes of encouragement for each other in public lactation rooms.

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