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Treat Yourself! Joanna Gaines Celebrates 40th Birthday During Pregnancy

PUBLISHED ON 04/19/2018

There's nothing like the phrase "advanced maternal age" to get you feeling down about your pregnancy. And that age is commonly cited as 35. But on her fortieth birthday, Joanna Gaines, who is pregnant with her fifth baby, could care less. And her Instagram-worthy donut celebration proves it.

"This is 40," she captioned the photo. "And I like it... #pregnantandforty #anddonuts"

While we have plenty of healthy snack ideas that will get you those extra 300 calories or so you need during pregnancy (yep, that's it), birthdays are certainly cause for indulging. Plus, you can't fight every craving. But it might be a stretch to call donuts Joanna's cravings; after all, she's explained her cravings have included Fruity Pebbles, a pimento cheese sandwich, chicken spaghetti, deviled eggs and ranch dressing.

Stars—they're just like us. And plenty of them are getting pregnant in their 40s, advanced maternal age be damned.