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Kristen Bell Taught Baby Lincoln Sign Language for This Important Reason

PUBLISHED ON 02/02/2016

Just another reason why we love  Kristen Bell: She knows the importance of teaching her 18-month-old daughter Lincoln sign language at an early age.

"[She can say] a lot of two-syllable words, but she signs mostly because she’s really good at it," the expectant mom told PEOPLE at the This Party Saves Lives event on October 16. "People recommend doing signs because the baby can communicate with you and say, ‘I want an apple’ or ‘Look at the black dog,’ and you can actually form sentences."

Kristen is right — teaching your baby simple gestures can improve communication and development from the start, and also cuts down on which-type-of-cry-means-what guesswork.

And as for Belle and Dax Shepard's second baby on the way, the Frozen star is feeling good and doing pre-natal yoga to prepare her body for another birth.

“Thank my lucky stars, it’s been a virtually identical pregnancy,” she says. “Pregnancy can be really hard for women, and I’m lucky that I’m not really symptomatic. I’m okay with being on my feet and I’m lucky that my body feels really good. I’ve found pre-natal yoga to be really unbelievably therapeutic. The days that I do it — even I find in my mental attitude — I’m so much happier. All pregnancy really does is contract your body in these weird ways, so that’s one thing I’ve tried to commit to."

Did you teach your baby sign language? How was your experience?

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