Lalo Launches New Sustainable and Developmentally-Friendly Play Boxes

From high-contrast Vision Cards that captivate newborns to a Cleaning Set that sparks imaginative play in toddlers, Lalo's new line takes the guesswork out of finding toys that are fun, engaging and age-appropriate.
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By Wyndi Kappes, Associate Editor
Published October 5, 2023
lalo play boxes
Image: Lalo

Lalo, the beloved brand renowned for its award-winning high chair and non-toxic baby and toddler essentials is expanding its reach by introducing a brand-new line-The Play Boxes.

Not just any playtime companions; Lalos Play Boxes are designed to elevate your child’s learning experience from day one. Created with the input of experts and the passion of parents, Lalo’s Play Boxes are thoughtfully curated collections of sustainably made, research-backed toys that encourage exploration and curiosity, tailored for infants and toddlers up to 24 months.

Lalo’s Head of Play & Development, Lizzie Assa MSEd, has poured her expertise into crafting curated boxes that align with essential milestones in your child’s development. From high-contrast Vision Cards that captivate newborns to a Cleaning Set that sparks imaginative play and fine motor skill development in toddlers, these boxes are designed to support your child’s significant moments of growth and joy.

Lalo understands that parenthood is a unique journey for every family, and so, they offer flexibility in how you can enjoy The Play Boxes. You can opt for a subscription, receiving a new box every two to three months, or choose individual purchases based on your child’s developmental stage.

But Lalo doesn’t stop at just play; they also prioritize sustainability. In collaboration with the renowned toy manufacturer PlanToys, known for their sustainability and zero-waste practices, Lalo has created toys from reclaimed rubberwood and upcycled leftover sawdust.

Plus, the stylish baby brand’s commitment to making a difference goes further with their “Re-Play” program. Once your child has outgrown their Play Box, you can choose to donate their the box to pass on the joy of learning and play to a family in need.

In a world where play is the gateway to learning, Lalo’s Play Boxes redefine how children grow, discover,and thrive. These thoughtfully designed, sustainable, and expertly curated playtime companions are poised to unlock your child’s potential and take the guesswork out of finding the right toy for the right time.

You can now shop Lalo’s new Play Boxes at

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