Thanks to This Program, There’s No Excuse for Employers Not to Support New Moms at Work

Two of your favorite brands have teamed up to help nursing moms who are transitioning back to work.
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June 21, 2019
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A couple of months ago, two of your favorite nursing mama companies, Medela and Mamava, announced they were teaming up in a big way to help breastfeeding moms returning to work. This week, the two shared the details on just how they were planning to make the transition easier, and it includes an entire program for employers to take advantage of, complete with breast pumps, private lactation spaces, breast milk shipping and virtual support during the first year of baby’s life.

Introducing New Moms’ Healthy Returns (NMHR), a single-source solution for employers to support breastfeeding employees when they return to work after the birth of a baby.

“Coming back after baby is a complicated transition for mom and her employer. With New Moms’ Healthy Returns, employers can make families’ priorities their priorities, so that parents do not have to choose between going back to work and continuing to feed their babies breast milk when returning to work after baby,” says Melissa Gonzales, executive vice president of the Americas for Medela.

The program acknowledges the different companies an employer has to work with to supply these benefits, and creates a one-stop shop that is customizable to the needs of the employer and their working moms. Some initiatives include breastfeeding products and resources from Medela, lactation pods from Mamava, breast milk shipping for traveling employees, education and support and more.

Learn about all of the resources available at

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