Former First Lady Michelle Obama Reveals Her Struggle with Miscarriage

Former First Lady Michelle Obama Reveals Her Struggle With Miscarriage

“I felt lost and alone, and I felt like I failed.”
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November 9, 2018
michelle obama opens up about her struggle with infertility
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In an exclusive interview with Good Morning America anchor Robin Roberts, former First Lady Michelle Obama speaks out on her struggle with miscarriage 20 years ago.

“I felt lost and alone, and I felt like I failed because I didn’t know how common miscarriages were because we don’t talk about them,” she says. “We sit in our own pain, thinking somehow we’re broken.”

Which is why the mom decided to share her story with the public.

“So that’s one of the reasons why I think it’s important to talk to young mothers about the fact that miscarriages happen…I think it’s the worst thing we do to each other as women—not share the truth about our bodies and how they work and how they don’t work.”

In the clip, Obama explains how her struggle to get pregnant led her to IVF. The full interview with Roberts will air during an ABC news special “Becoming Michelle: A First Lady’s Journey with Robin Roberts,” on Sunday, Nov. 11, at 9 p.m. ET.

In Obama’s upcoming memoir Becoming, she gets candid about her struggle with miscarriage and her long journey to motherhood. Due out on Nov. 13, she describes the book as “a deeply personal experience.” The memoir will talk about her upbringing and how she found her voice, as well as her time in the White House and her role as a mother.

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