Check Out This "Lazy" Mom’s Controversial Laundry Hack

What side are you on, team fold or don’t fold?
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July 1, 2022
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Some say there are three certainties in this world—death, taxes and laundry. Between pumping, taking care of your little ones, working, cooking and cleaning, getting around to doing, much less folding the laundry can be hard.

Mai Zimmy, a TikTok and YouTube video creator and self-proclaimed lazy mom, has a surprisingly simple hack for keeping things clean and tidy while also keeping your sanity. At the start of the video entitled, What’s your favorite lazy mom hack, Zimmy laments the ongoing cycle of laundry in her house and how much time doing all her children’s laundry takes. The most time-consuming part? Folding and putting the clothes away.

So Zimmy’s solution, “I just don’t fold my kid’s clothes anymore. Because truthfully, my three-year-old could care less that I do not fold his clothes.” The mom of three adds that she still puts everything away, so her kids know where to find their clean clothes; she just doesn’t bother folding anything anymore.

As Zimmy puts each piece of her son’s laundry away in small cloth storage boxes, she continues by saying, “their clothes don’t even get wrinkly, so who cares if it’s not folded but put away in the proper drawer?”

Well, it turns out plenty of video watchers did care. Parents took to the comment to share their opinions, with some criticizing Zimmy’s hack by saying she was just enabling her kids. “Having them fold their own clothes teaches them independence and saves you time,” commented one mom, while another said, “It’s not so much about whether they wrinkle or not. It’s the responsibility. They’ll grow to be lazy.”

Other commenters agreed with Zimmy, with several saying they had been using this “lazy mom hack” for years and even one mom joking, “It’s funny because I fold them and somehow the drawer still ends up looking like that! I should skip the first step.”

Whether you are team fold or don’t fold, Zimmy defends her hack by saying, “It saves so much time, and that’s time you can spend with your kids.”

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