Meghan Markle Is Being Dragged by Mom Shamers for the Most Ridiculous Reason

The new mom was enjoying her first public outing with her newborn son.
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July 12, 2019
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry photographed at Archie's first public outing.
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Meghan Markle has only been a mom for two months, but she’s already faced the wrath of mom shamers. This time, the keyboard warriors have gone after the Duchess for the way she was seen holding Baby Archie.

Less than a week after celebrating her newborn’s christening, the Duchess delighted fans with a surprise appearance to watch Prince Harry participate in the King Power Charity Polo Match. The day marked Archie’s first public outing since being born, and the new mom held her son throughout the entire match, while Kate Middleton played with her three children nearby. The event gave a cute glimpse into the merging of the Cambridge and Sussex families, but it wasn’t long before the sweet event turned sour.

A handful of outlets shared pictures of the Royal Family on social media, and critics were quick to question Markle’s skills as a mother. Their main point of contention? The way she was holding her son. And they didn’t waste a minute sharing their feedback via comments on Instagram.

“Meghan Markle should take a childcare course on how to hold a baby,” one comment says.

“Now I know why it’s always Harry holding the baby,” writes another note of criticism.

“She should at least learn how to hold that baby, and then she won’t get any negative comments,” a message reads.

The way Markle was holding Archie wasn’t the only thing that set them off. Mom shamers couldn’t hold back from voicing negative comments about her appearance, or comparing her to Middleton.

“Meghan seems like [she] just rolled out of the bed with PJs on and grabbed Archie out of the crib,” says one user.

“Kate is being very natural interacting with her children, while Meghan is acting like a star on the red carpet,” comments another.

“Meghan needs to work out. [She] still has a baby belly,” a critic states.

“I bet Meghan’s nanny looks better than her. The Z-class actress looks messy, like she escaped from an asylum and stole a child from a park,” writes another.

The nasty comments go on and on and, believe it or not, only get worse. In the short time that she’s been a mom, it’s obvious that Markle is loving stepping into this new part of her life. Unlike most Royals, the Duchess is taking time to adjust to her new normal. She chose to forgo the traditional post-birth photo shoot, waiting two days after giving birth to Archie to make their first public appearance as a family of three. She’s also adopted a very relaxed approach to fitness, and is in no hurry to return to her post-baby exercise routine. Privacy has been very important to the new parents, who chose to have a private christening, sharing only photos taken from their photographer.

Like any new mom, Markle is just learning the ropes on her role as a mother, and the constant criticism probably doesn’t make it easy. As long as mom and baby are both happy, healthy and taken care of, the public should keep their judgmental comments to themselves.

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