This Pizza Covered in Pickles Is Every Pregnant Woman's Dream

Gather up all your pregnant BFFs, because this calls for a road trip!
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September 24, 2018
pizza covered in pickle toppings perfect for pregnancy cravings
Image: Courtesy Rhino's Pizza

Our bodies do some pretty crazy things during pregnancy, least of which being the ever-popular pregnancy cravings. While a new-found pickle obsession may be the biggest cliché of all-time, many can probably recall a few late-night pickle munching moments during their pregnancies.

Moms-to-be in the New York area have a new spot to send their partner running to when the cravings hit full-force. Located in Webster, New York, Rhino’s Pizzeria & Deli has become famous for its mouth-watering pizzas covered in savory pickles and garlic sauce.

A video showcasing its celebrated pickle pie has racked up more than 236,000 shares, capturing every pregnant woman’s dream come true.

And as it turns out, people come from near and far to get a taste of the unique slice, including—yes, you guessed it—lots of pregnant ladies. To gauge just how popular the pie is, the restaurant sells about 30 pickle pizzas daily and uses more than 10 gallons of pickles a week. The pizzeria also substitutes the classic marinara sauce for a homemade garlic sauce, topped with mozzarella cheese to add the finishing touch.

The pie is the brainchild of a current employee who was inspired after attending a pickle festival (yes, that’s a thing!) a year ago. Needless to say, expecting moms are losing their cool.

“Ok who was pregnant and decided this was a good idea,” asks one woman in the comments.

Another was instantly hit with the cravings after watching the video. “I need this pronto, stat, immediately. Either we’re taking a road trip to New York, or we’re re-creating this pizza… I am the pregnant woman they mentioned in the video.”

“Now my mouth is salivating… Maybe I’m pregnant,” one jokingly says.

In retrospect, pickles are just the tip of the iceberg compared to some of these weird pregnancy cravings.

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